Some History Behind The Chadron Pool Project

(CHADRON)-The following is a little bit of history in regards to recent activity surrounding the possibility of enclosing the city pool in Chadron.

The current proposed swimming pool project for the city of Chadron began in 2012 with the closing of the Armstrong pool at Chadron State College. At that time, the city of Chadron was asked to join hands with the college and help provide an enclosed pool that both the community and college could utilize.

In September 2012, during a Dawes County Joint Planning Committee meeting, the need for an enclosed pool to replace the CSC pool was identified. The city council considered forming a committee to identify if an enclosed, year-round pool could be supported by the community. In November 2012, the city appointed the Swimming Pool Enclosure and Enhancement Options (SPEEDO) Committee to further study the project, since the timing for an indoor city pool with college support seemed like a good idea. With the college pool closed and the college’s offer to help fund a pool, the fit seemed right for everyone—the college, the city, the community and surrounding areas.

In February 2013, after advertising for interested architects and interviewing the interested parties, Burbach Aquatics Inc. was chosen and a contract was constructed between them and the city to study and design a facility based on the wants and needs of the identified stakeholders.

Following a process involving over 600 hours of research, discussion and review, a project was determined by the SPEEDO committee that they felt would be both affordable and sustainable.

In December 2013, the SPEEDO committee submitted their findings to the city council. SPEEDO was then able to report on what the community wanted in a pool, who would support with financing, and the timeframe. SPEEDO’s findings were based in part on interviewing Chadron City Schools (CPS), CPS’ After-School Program, the Pine Ridge Job Corps, Chadron State College, Chadron Community Hospital, the City of Chadron and other potential users. Each entity was asked to identify who would use the pool, how much time they would anticipate using it, and what they would need in a proposed facility.

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