SPEEDO Committee Answers Questions In The Coming Weeks

(CHADRON)-During a special meeting on August 23rd, the Chadron city council asked the swimming pool, or SPEEDO, committee to share more information regarding the proposed pool project. The committee is hoping to answer as many questions as possible so voters can make an informed choice in November. They will also be holding several open houses and are available to organizations for presentations.

One of the questions that keeps coming up is: Is Chadron getting a new pool? Answer: The current “L” shaped pool will remain the same. A new pool floor in the west end will have a gradual change in depth, allowing swimmers to walk directly into the pool. New also will be the therapy pool to promote healing and stretching for those working with therapists and instructors.

Another question is: Will there be a slide? Actually, there will be two. Space has been designed to include a slide and splash pad for younger swimmers and a more challenging slide for older thrill seekers.

Who will own and operate the pool? The City of Chadron currently owns and operates the pool and will in the future. The scheduling for pool time and usage will be handled through an activity director, who will be an on-site employee of the city.

Will taxes go up? Property taxes will not go up. Plans are to use a combination of municipal bonds, low-interest loans, grants, and a separate capital campaign and repayment of the debt with a 1⁄2 cent sales tax that would sunset upon final repayment of the debt. Projections completed by city staff estimate that a 1⁄2 cent sales tax would pay off city bonds being used for portions of the project.

Currently the city pool is closed for nine months out of the year. With the proposed project, the pool could be used year-round for walking, lap swimming, water therapy, swim team training, and more, all in a controlled environment. The November 4th ballot will give Chadron residents an opportunity to vote for or against the City of Chadron’s offer to enclose the current pool. For more information, visit the Chadron Municipal Pool Improvement Project on Facebook.

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